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LEAD thrives in a contemporary society where triumph is measured by the ability to optimize time, showcase exceptional performance, and exude confident style. As a trailblazing activewear company, LEAD has emerged as the vanguard of the industry, redefining the notion of "Active Atelier" from day to evening. With visionary designer Enrico Agus at the helm, LEAD introduces an extraordinary fusion of baroque aesthetics and unparalleled versatility, elevating the benchmarks of fashion-forward fitness.

LEAD's unmistakable artisan collection harmonizes the realms of fashion and fitness, transcending conventional boundaries. Each meticulously crafted piece reflects an unwavering commitment to excellence, encapsulating the essence of refined elegance and dynamic functionality. From the boardroom to the gym and beyond, LEAD empowers individuals to embrace their unique style while pursuing an active lifestyle, embodying the ethos that fashion and fitness are not mutually exclusive, but rather seamlessly integrated facets of modern life. With LEAD, seize the opportunity to lead your journey towards success with unparalleled confidence and grace.

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