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ENRICO AGUS, an esteemed Italian Fashion Designer, is a style visionary. He is recognized by the iconic houses of Bally, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Emilio Pucci, Roberto Cavalli for his artistic acumen in conceptual collections, superior execution in detail and embroidery, and coveted, couture, celebrity styling. A-list style collaborations are heralded during award season, and most recently on the red carpets of The Oscars, Cannes Film Festival and The Venice Film Festival. Enrico is now the Artistic Director for LEAD: the new superior industry standard called ‘Active Atelier,’ a distinctively baroque and versatile artisan collection that amplifies the highest standards of fashion > forward > fitness. With unrivaled respect and obsession for a strong and sensual body, Enrico has adapted his ability to accentuate physique-precision, fitness-form and obsessive fashion detail into the debut collection of LEAD, transforming a single ‘look’ into a versatile fashion-fit-lifestyle with ease and show-stopping style confidence. 

The Vision
by Enrico Agus


Italian Designer ENRICO AGUS, introducing a brilliant vision of a unique, sophisticated and playful luxury activewear collection that can be worn from morning to night, from training to on the scene!

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